Landmark Nominations and Research Reports

1916-04 Paul Steiner Kilpatrick via Ance

1101 E Pike Street Landmark Nomination (Download PDF)

  • Researched and wrote historic context statement, background of original owner and occupants, and chain of ownership.

  • Compiled bibliography, figures, and list of figures.

  • Completed December, 2019.


Villa Camini Landmark Nomination (Download PDF)

  • Performed research for sections on ownership and tenant history from page 12 to 16.

  • Completed May, 2019.

Roy Vue Apartments Landmark Nomination (Download PDF)

  • Researched and wrote the background of the building's original owner.

  • Completed July, 2018.

1937 WA State Archives - 1205 NE 42nd St
1937 WA State Archives - Roy Vue Apartme