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I bring 8 years of related experience to this role. This includes co-founding and leading a successful, grant-funded historical society from 2017 thru 2022 and operating my own historical research and preservation consulting business (T.G. Heuser Co.) from 2019 thru 2022. Though this business exists mostly in name only and this site as a display of my work prior to joining Willamette, I still continue to take historical projects not related to cultural resource management on a limited basis. See my services page for more information.

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"Felix qui potuit rerum cognoscere

causas." -Virgil



As a student of history, I studied

the classics extensively and no other

phrase stuck out to me quite like this
one. It translates as "Happy was he who was able to know the causes of things"  and it is my guiding principle. I believe that what we do should bring us joy and nothing brings me more joy than discovering what happened and why and preserving that legacy for future generations.


-Tom G. Heuser

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Architectural historian with Willamette Cultural Resources Associates since January 2023. In this role I provide in-depth historical research, writing,
and assessment as well as architectural description and photography on cultural resources for Section 106 reports, National Regi
ster and and local landmark nominations, and more.

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