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   I am a professional historian,

and consultant based in Seattle,

Washington. Since earning my

B.A. in History from University

of Washington in 2008, I have

engaged in every facet of historical inquiry, starting with acquisition as an archeological volunteer, followed by description & organization as an archival intern or volunteer,  more recently with research & interpretation as both a freelance writer and professional historian, and finally through advocacy & public engagement as president of the Capitol Hill Historical Society.

    I bring a high level of knowledge, experience, and dedication to all that I do. l collaborate with my clients, my fellow colleagues, and the community at large to produce a product of the highest standard.

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"Felix qui potuit rerum cognoscere

causas." -Virgil


   As a student of history, I studied

the classics extensively and no other

phrase stuck out to me quite like this one. It translates as "Happy was he who was able to know the causes of things"  and it is my guiding principle. I believe that what we do should bring us joy and nothing brings me more joy than discovering what happened and why and preserving that legacy for future generations.

-Tom G. Heuser, sole-proprietor

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