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​​T.G. Heuser Company|/ Seattle, WA / April 2019 - Present


  • Conducting a survey of 275 Mid-Century Modern apartment buildings on Capitol Hill, and tracking data using Excel sheets and Washington State’s WISAARD database.

  • Prepared a 13,000-word historic context statement and 19,000-word report on 11 representative buildings for phase 1 of the Mid-Century Modern survey.

  • Researching architectural styles, construction materials & methods, specific structures, geographic areas, streets, and land use as well as architects, builders, owners, and occupants of historical buildings and more.

  • Consulting and/or collaborating with clients, historic preservation staff, archivists, architects, and historians on the identification and evaluation of historic structures.

  • Authored or contributed to 5 Landmark Nominations and 29 SEPA Appendix A and other historical reports to date.

  • Reviewing building permits and plans, maps, photographs, books, and articles as well as genealogical, property, court, engineering, and other historical records.

  • ·Preparing and evaluating historic context statements and architecture descriptions, drawing floor plans, and taking architectural photographs.


Capitol Hill Historical Society / Seattle, WA / January 2017 - January 2022


  • Worked with historic preservation staff, historical organizations, professional historians, property owners, and community stakeholders to advocate for the preservation of cultural resources in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood.

  • Co-authored a successful landmark nomination of Seattle’s Roy Vue Apartments in partnership with Historic Seattle and building residents.

  • Wrote and or evaluated historic context statements for local landmark nominations and closely studied local preservation policies and procedures.

  • Prepared three grants and lead three fundraising events that raised a total of over $18000 combined.

  • Established working relationships with Historic Seattle, Washington Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation, Docomomo WEWA, Pacific Northwest Museum of Motorcycling, Hunters Capital, Elliott Bay Book Company, Marvin Anderson Architects, 4Culture, and others.

  • Led and organized meetings for the CHHS Board of Directors, volunteers, and members.

  • Interpreted aspects of Seattle history thru public talks, tours, blogging, and social media.

  • Organized the 2021 Members Meeting around Black History Month featuring talks on the landmark Cayton-Revels Home, Aeronautical Engineer Richard Norman, and architect Benjamin F. McAdoo Jr.

  • Performed public outreach for the collection of Capitol-Hill-related historical photographs, ephemera, and stories for posterity purposes and future use in public education programs.

  • Curated and edited content for the Capitol Hill Historical Society blog and social media.

  • Lead the republication of Jacqueline Williams’ book Hill With A Future and facilitated the sales of hundreds of books.

  • Planned, coordinated, and co-authored two coloring books of historic building in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle.

  • Other duties include strategic planning, bookkeeping, budgeting, promotion, graphic design, and web design.

Capitol Hill Times & Capitol Hill Seattle Blog / Seattle, WA / October 2014 - February 2018

  Freelance Historian/Writer

  • Researched and wrote 17 blog articles about the people who built, owned, and occupied historical buildings in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle.

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