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I work with local property owners, residents,  historians, and architects to provide scrupulous research, assessment, and preservation services  throughout the Puget Sound region. My work includes genealogy, context statements, title abstraction, photography, and architectural descriptions for Landmark Nominations, SEPA Appendix A reports, broad historical surveys and more.


Whether you want to know more about the history of your family, home or neighborhood,  preserve a home or building you own, or document a building for compliance purposes, I can amply meet your needs.

Each endeavor into historical inquiry is unique, you can never predict where it will take you. Please contact me with a brief description of your project to receive a quote. Rates vary.

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I am happy to speak or lead tours
on a variety
of local history topics.
For any new
topic that requires
research, please give
me at least 3 months notice.









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