I work with local property owners, residents, and other historians to provide scrupulous research, writing, assessment, and preservation services on historical & cultural resources throughout the Seattle area. My work includes title abstractions, genealogical accounts, SEPA appendix A reports, and local landmark nominations. 


So whether you want to know the history of your home, the building you own, your family, or you're another historian who wishes to collaborate, I can amply meet your needs.

Each endeavor into historical inquiry is as unique as the the human fingerprint; you can never predict exactly where it will take you. Please contact me with a brief description of your project to receive a quote.

Pro bono:

In the event of imminent demolition of an historically significant building where residents and the community lack the resources to pursue landmark status, I offer my services on a pro bono basis. Contact me at the Capitol Hill Historical Society to inquire further.


I am happy to speak on a
of local history topics
at your
meeting or event. For
any new
topic that requires
research, please give
me at least 3 months notice.